Some of my favorite letters to new AP students, from those who’ve survived it!

At the end of the school year, I ask my AP Studio Art students to write a letter to the new kids entering the class in the fall. I ask them to be honest and not hold back. They share the good, the bad and the ugly of AP Studio Art and I think their words are valuable for those of you about to embark on this journey. This class is like no other you’ll ever take in high school and new students need to know to know what to expect. Hopefully, you’ll learn from the experience of students who sat nervously in the same seat, just a little while ago.

Class of 2018:

sandra18trish18monisah18 , kat18 ,

isabella18 , eileen18 ,alejandro18,


Class of 2017:


Class of 2016:

therese Kimmie1 Peggy Kimmie2 jessicaZ Jasssimran2 Jassimran GuennerletterforAP Guenner Grace2 Grace eliza ChennyVar Chenny Carla M Carla Alcantara ℅ 2016- Arbell Albert2 Albert Adrian2 *ARrionna *Brixter *Eliza 2016

Class of 2015:

cecelia ceeceel letter to newbies Charlene Joanne Kim Narciso Kimberly Maria Briseno Maria2 Sabrina Angeles

Class of 2014:

Adriana AustinL Celena Celena2 Debbie2014 DebbieVo Elizabeth Blancas Elliot Guerra class of 2014 Emit Coffman c Emma Manlapaz Jessica Krisitia Kristia Lissette 2 Lissette

Class of 2013:

Alec Bates Angel Carlos Carrie Alvarado Celena Daniel Arteaga Ejay Jairo Jasmine JasonLee Jizel Encarnacion Lyanne Maryell MichelleMunoz Perla Rosalinda Rubi Loya, siyou, BrayanFlores

Class of 2012:

2012 Jared Gochuico2 2012Alexander Infante c 2012Becca Kephart 2012Christian 2012Haroon 2012JankleyGarcia 2012JaredGochuico 2012LesleyPumay Lauren Castaneda Class of 2012

Class of 2011:

2011AnissaOlivares 2011Carlina 2011JameeAroma 2011Jannelle Rosal 2011jessicaAryan 2011JoeyDaveValdez 2011Leo 2011LeslieLopez 2011NikielSuchit 2011RossHutchens 2011Sheryl 2011VeronicaVargas 2011YongLee

Class of 2010:

2010Cat Schiesser 2010ChrisS 2010JorgeN 2010rachelRojas

Class of 2009:

2009 Brittany 2009 Hai 2009 Kim 2009 Lorraine 2009 Michael Brambila 2009 Nathan 2009 Sarany 2009 Sikai 2009 Vanessa BELLA AP ART LETTER Dear AP student-selene DylanNgyen Jennifer Jones  MarcosEnriquez


One thought on “Some of my favorite letters to new AP students, from those who’ve survived it!

  1. Amiria says:

    Great letters – and excellent idea for a blog post! I should get my own students to do this too! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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